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The Acutely Agitated Patient in a remote location – my #ACEM15 presentation

Quality Metrics in Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transport: A National Delphi Project.

Quality Metrics in Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transport: A National Delphi Project.

The Neo-Wheel

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PHARM PODCAST 127: A ketamine protocol & intubation rates for psychiatric aeromedical retrieval

my approach
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With this Ring – An Australian Story

2015-02-20 07.25.41
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Things We Say We Love But Never Do

Source: Things We Say We Love But Never Do


Video recording courtesy of RFDS Western Australia

PHARM Podcast 122 : Psychiatric aeromedical retrieval with Jodie Mills

 Picture of Jodie Mills from Careflight Facebook page

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PHARM Podcast 125 : Ventilator management a prehospital perspective With Eric Bauer

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Ventilator Management Simulation Debriefing

Case 1 – “Bucking the Vent” You have inherited a patient in the VA MICU at signout.  The patient presented with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and altered mental status and was intubated for airway protection and hypoxic/hypercarbic respiratory failure.  The patient’s altered mental status has resolved but the patient remains intubated waiting for a second large-volume paracentesis that can’t be done over the long weekend at the VA. The RT calls you asking for a one time dose of 5mg Versed, but on a quick glance at the chart, the patient has been getting these Q2 hours for the last several days.  You go to the bedside and find an agitated patient motioning to take out the tube.  “He’s bucking the vent doc!” Vent settings: AC-VC: TV500  RR12  PEEP8  FiO2 30%

Source: Ventilator Management Simulation Debriefing

How pre-hospital doctors are saving lives in the field as part of the NSW Ambulance Special Casualty Access Team


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Or A Visit To An Alien Planet

One of the excellent things about retrieval work is the opportunity a clinician is presented with to try new things. Dr Alan Garner reflects on his recent experiences trying out a very particular branch of retrieval medicine – neonates and paediatrics.  I have recently had the opportunity to do some work with NETS in NSW […]

Grand Rounds Recap 9/16

Air Care Grand Rounds What do I need to assess before I load this patient in the heli? *  Does your patient need plastic? (ETT, needle/finger thoracostomy) o Get breath sounds / anticipate your possible interventions you may need * Is your patient in shock? o Don’t have a lactate? Hyperglycemia in the absence of diabetes, thirst and diaphoresis should lend you towards ‘yes’

Source: Grand Rounds Recap 9/16

Reports from the Top End – ASA Highlights Reel

Continuing the posts arising from the ASA conference (not the anaesthetics one, the Aeromed one), we share thoughts from just a few attendees with th esessions that proved to be a highlight.  The Northern Territory is known for many things. Even some things that aren’t related to crocodiles. Just recently it also hosted the annual […]

The Clot Module

From Dr Chris Denny, Auckland HEMS Medical Director: Dear colleagues, 1. We need your help. We are testing a new clinical module: The ‘Clot Module.’ Why do we want another module? To borrow an ergonomic phrase – to task cluster. 2. Please read this article (password-protected for Auckland HEMS team members only) from the 2014 Annals of […]

Rural GP Education

Thought and experiences on the journey to enlightenment



EM in Focus

time to get focused on your patients.


In memory of Dr John Hinds

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

In memory of Dr John Hinds


"Live as if you will die tomorrow; Learn as if you will live forever"

Songs or Stories

Sharing the Science and Art of Paediatric Anaesthesia


In memory of Dr John Hinds

"Sweat the small stuff...."

"If someone is willing to teach you something for free, take them up on it. Do it. Every single time. All it does is make you more likely to succeed. And its kind of a nice way to go through life...."

Liz Crowe

Wellbeing Counsellor and Educator


In memory of Dr John Hinds

EM Basic

Your Boot Camp Guide to Emergency Medicine

Ash Witt

In memory of Dr John Hinds


Ramblings from a gasdoc with interests in #anaesthesia, #intensivecare, #echo, #PHEM and #FOAM

PulmCrit: Pulmonary Intensivist's Blog

In memory of Dr John Hinds

Miss Chardy

Laughter in the Outback

The Collective

A Hive Mind for Prehospital and Retrieval Med

Bits & Bumps

Obstetrics and Gynaecology FOAM


Why FOAM it alone?

In memory of Dr John Hinds


Or "How I'm Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Emergency Medicine"


A great site

Genevieve's anthology

Writings to amuse, teach, inspire and entertain.

JR Paramedic

In memory of Dr John Hinds

Monash Anaesthesia

In memory of Dr John Hinds


A topnotch site


Bringing the boring to emergency medicine


Navigating resuscitation

Doctor's bag

by Dr Edwin Kruys

EM nerd

In memory of Dr John Hinds

The Chart Review

In memory of Dr John Hinds

ETM Course

Emergency Trauma Management Course

The Doctor's Dilemma

Modern Medical Musings from Dr Marlene Pearce

Sim and Choppers

A blog combining medical education, simulation and helicopter retrieval medicine


Reflections of a Rural GP

Auckland HEMS

Unofficial site for prehospital care providers of the Auckland HEMS service

Rural Doctors Net

useful resources for rural clinicians


Searching for the big picture in intensive care

Nomadic GP

Adventures of a Rural Locum


Free Open Access Medical Education for Paramedics

Not just a GP

Why GP is the greatest job in the world

the short coat

In memory of Dr John Hinds


Bringing the Boring to EM

When your shift turns to shit? Keep moving, keep caring!

KI Doc

Kangaroo Island doctor blogging about Rural Medicine in Australia


pulling apart cases from the ED...

Little Medic

Learning everything I can from everywhere I can. This is my little blog to keep track of new things medical, paramedical and pre-hospital from a student's perspective.


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