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PHARM Podcast 94 – Psychiatric Aeromedical Retrieval


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Prehospital trauma airway management

Case report of ketamine sedation during aeromedical retrieval



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Flight Nurse Keryn Bolte — Royal Flying Doctor Service, Broken Hill

Flight Nursing in the Canadian Arctic


Doctor flies back to the North West

Local radio interview this week

Taming the SRU – check it out!

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Fly-in, fly-out: A viable option to address the chronic shortage of remote doctors

Rural Medicine Australia 2013 Conference Presentation by Professor Steve Margolis

So you want to work in a Flying ER?


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So you want to be an Outback Retrieval Doctor?

RFDS Mt Isa aeromedical team on primary trauma retrieval

RFDS Mt Isa aeromedical team on primary trauma retrieval

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Thoughts and prayers with PHARM colleagues in Norway

The darkest hour is right before the dawn

The darkest hour is right before the dawn

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Patient safety in helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS): The safety management system

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Albert Einstein.

You could be right in thinking that “safety crusaders” are the glass half empty type, right? Those that believe “what can go wrong, will go wrong” (Murphys Law).

I’m not a pessimist, but I do believe in being prepared for the potential for error, or for when things do genuinely go wrong.  We need to avoid Einstein’s insanity; repeating that same thing and expecting different results the next time (as the next time might be a catastrophic outcome).  As HEMS clinicians we have a responsibility to get our patients from the pre-hospital to the hospital environment without harm, to the best of our abilities.  A culture of safety and forethought, identifying and mitigating for potential hazards (threat and error management) is a prominent facet of our work.

Both Aviation and medicine involve…

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A Military Aviation model for Patient Safety?

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:

In the September 2013 edition of the British Medical Journal, Robyn Clay-Williams has published a thought provoking article on the modelling of clinical risk management on civil aviation practices, and questions whether a military aviation model may be more prudent when assessing and managing risk in the healthcare environment.  The abstract can be found HERE.

The author questions the appropriateness of translating sometimes rigid civil aviation processes (and a zero tolerance for risk) into healthcare, as some healthcare systems (such as emergency departments and intensive care units) need more flexibility and autonomy in their workings and risk management. She suggests managing risk in high stakes clinical environments such as these would be more conducive to a military aviation model – the parallels being teams with limited resources who deal routinely with unpredictable situations, complex and time critical operations (as would happen frequently in the pre-hospital environment or the ED…

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Canadian Air Ambulance – a 2014 overview

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Prehospital and retrieval medicine blog

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