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The bougie – a cautionary study

Bougies in knots
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PHARM Podcast 90 – Essential airway skills SMACCGOLD PreWorkshop podcast

SMACC airway workshop logo

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The Ultimate induction by Dr Sean McManus

BCC4: Sean McManus on The Ultimate Induction from oliflower
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“Awake” intubation screencast by Dr Seth Trueger

Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks and Vascular Access Workshop

Great Melbourne workshop in ultrasound guided nerve blocks and vascular access. You will be doing more of this in the prehospital and retrieval setting, if not ALREADY!



Seconds from disaster – avoiding the airway clean kill

Image from Twitter. No financial disclosures

Image from Twitter. No financial disclosures

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PHARM Podcast 89 – Does Roc rock and Sux suck?

Dr Cliff Reid reveals Rocketamine to the world at SMACC 2013

Dr Cliff Reid reveals
Rocketamine to the world at SMACC 2013

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Prehospital RSI in the UK

Originally posted on AmboFOAM:

I’m currently away in Japan getting some skiing in, so I’m not up to much I terms of posting.

However, whilst waiting for my wife to return from a shopping rampage in Tokyo, I did catch this post over at the brilliant ScanCrit site about HEMS use of RSI in East Anglia.

It adds to the belief that I have long held: prehospital intubation is not bad if it is done well; it’s prehospital intubation done poorly that is bad.

While you are over at ScanCrit, check out the rest of the site, these guys (and gals?) post some excellent stuff.

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PHARM Podcast 88 – Prehospital airway and TBI


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In war, he who holds the higher ground,wins


Not ideal, read on and find out why!

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PHARM Podcast 87 – PALM with Hinds & Leeuwenburg

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2013 Management of bleeding and coagulopathy following major trauma: an updated European guideline

Originally posted on MEDEST:

Aggiornate le raccomandazioni Europee sulla diagnosi ed il controllo delle emorragie nei traumi maggiori.
Consultatele e scaricatele in pdf
Alla pagina dedicata alle linee guida trovate tutte le linee guida appena pubblicate su molti argomenti di attualità clinica in medicina d’urgenza.
Linee Guida

MEDEST you tube

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Airway clean kills – my SMACC 2013 presentation



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Updated 2013 Australasian Guidelines for Transport of Critically Ill patients

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PODCAST #20 – Dr Helgi Johannsson – Wrongfooted by Checklists

Originally posted on Rural Doctors Net:

It was a pleasure to catch up with Icelander-turned Londoner Dr Helgi Johannsson regarding the ‘Wrongfooted‘ case.

Helgi is a prolific blogger – using Social Media to disseminate both useful nuggets of clinical information under the #TGDed hashtag (trauma gas education) and also occasional trash tweets on the weekend. Follow him at @TraumaGasDoc.

I was intrigued by the ‘Wrongfooted‘ case posted by Helgi – a classic case of the WHO checklist not being used properly. Several important lessons from this case, not least the need to use checklists appropriately … and the power of Social Media to disseminate important safety messages. Contrast this with the failure to disseminate safety lessons from a nearly identical case, as articulated subsequently by medical director Dr Dermot O’Riordan – the frustration being that the lessons learned from Dermot’s case weren’t made available to a wider audience.

Clearly ‘Wrongfooted

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