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Edible cricothyrotomy model by Dr Bryant

Dr Rob Bryant, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr Rob Bryant, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Levitan, the “Laryngeal Handshake” and the “Cartilaginous Cage”

Pearls from Rich Levitan on surgical airways: Do the “Laryngeal Handshake” to identify airway anatomy and the Cricothyroid “Cartilaginous Cage” is protective

Laryngeal handshake and cartilaginous cage

From Rich Levitan’s slides with permission

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Doctor saves life with knife, ballpoint pen

CricCon by Dr Scott Weingart

CricCon by Dr Scott Weingart

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Bougie-Aided Cric by Dr Bill Hinckley

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Combat cricothyrotomy inflight -Inside Combat Rescue series

Actual Emergency Cricothyrotomy video

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Emergency Cricothyrotomy for a partially swallowed Dental Plate

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Cricothyrotomy case report : lessons learnt

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Viable oxygenation with cannula over needle cricothyrotomy

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Or "How I'm Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Emergency Medicine"

Pondering EM

One junior EM doc's journey through the curious world of Emergency Medicine...


A great site

Genevieve's anthology

Writings to amuse, teach, inspire and entertain.

JR Paramedic

Prehospital and retrieval medicine blog

Prehospital and retrieval medicine blog


A topnotch site


Bringing the boring to emergency medicine


Navigating resuscitation

Doctor's bag

by Dr Edwin Kruys

Prehospital and retrieval medicine blog

Prehospital and retrieval medicine blog

ETM Course

Emergency Trauma Management Course

The Doctor's Dilemma

Modern Medical Musings from Dr Marlene Pearce

Sim and Choppers

A blog combining medical education, simulation and helicopter retrieval medicine


Reflections of a Rural GP

Auckland HEMS

Unofficial site for prehospital care providers of the Auckland HEMS service

Rural Doctors Net

useful resources for rural clinicians


Searching for the big picture in intensive care

Nomadic GP

Adventures of a Rural Locum


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