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Prehospital airway management : training, governance and evidence

Photo courtesy of Dr Nicholas Chrimes
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Prehospital trauma airway management

Comparison of Success Rates between Two Video Laryngoscope Systems Used in a Prehospital Clinical Trial


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Prehospital RSI in the UK

Originally posted on AmboFOAM:

I’m currently away in Japan getting some skiing in, so I’m not up to much I terms of posting.

However, whilst waiting for my wife to return from a shopping rampage in Tokyo, I did catch this post over at the brilliant ScanCrit site about HEMS use of RSI in East Anglia.

It adds to the belief that I have long held: prehospital intubation is not bad if it is done well; it’s prehospital intubation done poorly that is bad.

While you are over at ScanCrit, check out the rest of the site, these guys (and gals?) post some excellent stuff.

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PHARM Podcast 88 – Prehospital airway and TBI


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PHARM Podcast 87 – PALM with Hinds & Leeuwenburg

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Another Podcast with AmboFOAM and KangarooBeach

Originally posted on AmboFOAM:

I was fortunate last night to be able to catch up with Tim Leeuwenberg of  when he flew in to Melbourne for the ETMCourse.  Along with a very convivial dinner at Bistro Vue on Little Collins street, we managed to bash out a quick podcast as well.  We discussed a little of life as a paramedic, treatment of Acute Pulmonary Oedema by MICA Paramedics, and of course the obligatory bit on airway management.

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The Good Samaritan – prehospital care from the Bible till now

Simulation training at RFDS STAR course

Simulation training at RFDS STAR course

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PHARM Podcast 83 – Prehospital ketamine with Mike Abernethy

Dr Mike Abernethy, Chief Flight Physician, Med Flight, Wisconsin, USA

Dr Mike Abernethy, Chief Flight Physician, Med Flight, Wisconsin, USA

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The prehospital management of pelvic fractures: initial consensus statement

Dr Scott Weingart tells it like it is

Dr Scott Weingart tells it like it is

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Pre-hospital spinal immobilisation: an initial consensus statement

gun shot to face 3


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Minimal patient handling: a faculty of prehospital care consensus statement



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Norwegian paper suggests stop routine prehospital cervical collar use

(picture attribution HERE)

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Prehospital blood product use

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:

When prehospital blood storage goes bad...

When prehospital blood storage goes bad…

Auckland HEMS is currently exploring the use of blood products in our prehospital environment.

Two interesting papers regarding prehospital blood product use were recently published by the Queensland Ambulance Service. The Queensland Ambulance Service maintains a 24/7 doctor/paramedic trauma response team that is dispatched to significant trauma cases in the greater Brisbane area.

Despite the fact that the prehospital service in these studies is road-based, the patient cohort (predominantly blunt trauma), prehospital staffing (often initially ambulance crew followed by doctor/paramedic team), and prehospital times are highly applicable to our service.

The feasibility of civilian prehospital trauma teams carrying and administering packed red blood cells

This paper examined the feasibility, limitations, and costs involved in providing prehospital trauma teams with blood products (2 units of O-negative red cells)

  • Of 500 units of RBCs provided to the service over 18 months, 26% were transfused
  • 97.8% of…

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Prehospital amputation


For all your prehospital amputation needs!

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:

Auckland HEMS has recently added a Gigli saw to the medical pack in case a patient requires prehospital amputation. Fortunately the team has not yet been required to perform this procedure. Anecdotally, prehospital amputations that have been performed by paramedic staffed EMS in the Auckland area in recent years have involved near-total amputation due to injury itself, with limbs attached with minimal skin or soft tissue.

EMJ published an excellent review article of the procedure in 2010, which covers indications, contraindications, and technique. Click HERE for the full pdf (secure area limited to ADHB staff, who have access to this journal via the Philson Library at the University of Auckland School of Medicine) 

The Medical College of Wisconsin has produced 3 educational videos, and made available a field manual for physicians who provide assistance to fire crews and EMS in the field.

Click HERE for a brief case report…

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