PHARM Podcast 005- Interview with Dr. Sean Keogh

G’day folks.

Today on the podcast I interview Dr Sean Keogh, an emergency and retrieval physician from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is I believe the first prehospital doctor to ever have a reported case of a successful prehospital thoracotomy in which the patient survived in 1993.

Check out these references

From the French Refdoc

Sean currently is the Director of Clinical Governance at Careflight Group Queensland. He will tell us about his extensive trauma training experience in South Africa and rural Asia as well as in London. Listen to his accounts of retrieval and telemedicine, as he talks rural doctors through procedures like surgical airway or even a thoracotomy!

As always we discuss a hypothetical retrieval case and hear how Sean deals with it!

Sean is obsessed with emergency airway management as much as I am. He has attended the Difficult Airway course in Las Vegas three times and written and updated his services airway SOPs in the last 12 months.

Pour yourself a beverage, sit back and enjoy the interview!


Now on to the Podcast

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