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PHARM Podcast 006 – Helicopter vs. Ground Retrieval with Bill Hinckley

Hi folks, today I interview Dr Bill Hinckley, an emergency physician in Cincinnati, Ohio who also is a flight physician on the Helicopter Emergency Service(HEMS),Air Care & Mobile Care, UC Health – University Hospital

Dr. Hinckleys Credentials:

William R. Hinckley, MD FACEP CMTE
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati
Air Medical Director and Flight Physician
Air Care & Mobile Care, UC Health – University Hospital
President Elect, Air Medical Physician Association

Today’s Discussion:

We review a recent paper in JAMA on ground versus HEMS trauma outcomes, [Galvagno Jr. et al. Association Between Helicopter vs Ground Emergency Medical Services and Survival for Adults With Major Trauma. JAMA, 2012;307(15):1602-1610]

What makes the difference in HEMS retrievals for the severely injured? Is it the aircraft or the care it both or more? Tune in and find out what we discuss and debate! Bill also describes the setup of his HEMS system, their use of EM residents on the helicopters and their experience of such. I pose to him a hypothetical paediatric retrieval scenario and have him discuss his take on the airway nightmare case requiring aeromedical transport.

Links of Interest:
Dr. Hinckley’s Linkedin Page

Stay safe and enjoy the podcast!
Minh Le Cong, Flying Doctor Down Under

Now on to the Podcast

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  1. Minh, speaking with you was an honor, and a helluva lot of fun. Thanks again so much for the invitation, and for doing what you do. Rock on, brother.

    May 9, 2012
  2. Thanks Wild Bill. we will have to do it again. love to hear your concept of DASH-1A!

    May 9, 2012

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