PHARM Podcast 016 – Damn Sexy Intubation with Dr Rob Bryant

What is it like trying to introduce a DSI protocol to your ED? Tune in and listen up to Dr Rob Bryant!

Hi folks! I am not going mad. This is technically out of sequence and should be podcast 15 but as Rob’s protocol on DSI is so popular I had to interview him and release this special episode before the relegated 15th episode got published! We talk about how Rob discovered and introduced DSI into his ED clinical practice and how he set about convincing his colleagues to stop looking at him as if he was a crazed Kiwi. He convinced them so well that some of his ED nurse colleagues call DSI a Damn Sexy Intubation now!

Rob works at this hospital in Salt Lake City

This is the beautiful mountain view from one of the resuscitation bays

Stay safe and enjoy the interview


Now on to the Podcast

Right Click and Choose Save-as to Download the Podcast.

3 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 016 – Damn Sexy Intubation with Dr Rob Bryant

  1. Rob, I applaud your work.

    The first time I heard of DSI I scoffed at it and thought it was sort of Devil talk and better to just “crack on” and use traditional RSI however that I have done some research I am totally sold on the idea for patients who are at risk of hypoxaemia/desaturation during laryngascopy e.g. COPD or the agitated patient won’t tolerate preoxygenation. One of the House Surgeon’s I mentioned it to the other night reckoned it was brilliant and was annoyed he had not thought of it earlier

    Good work bro!

    Ben, MBChB (c Auck)

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