Prehospital Simulation training with iSimulate

iSimulate is a Sydney based company that has developed a fantastic advanced simulation program and packaged it an iPad based delivery platform. Dr Anthony Lewis is one of the founding designers of the simulation system and he is a retrieval anaesthetist working with Dr Cliff Reid, Dr Brian Burns and Dr Karel Habig, all from Greater Sydney Area Helicopter Medical Service ( I have interviewed all of them on the PHARM podcast except for Anthony!)

The simulation system is called ALSi and has been adopted for prehospital training by GSAHEMS as well my own services RFDS STAR Program. Another retrieval physician colleague of mine , Associate Professor Geoff Ramin, has also purchased the ALSi system for his private training company, Medicine on the Edge

In the picture above the ALSi system is neatly housed in the protective padded yellow monitor bag shown in the background that can be purchased as part of an available package deal with two iPads, the monitor bag and software subscription.

Check it out! Its not cheap, costing several thousand dollars( depending upon the options chosen) but its a high quality investment for the discerning trainer and prehospital service that values high fidelity simulation exercises for their front line staff. Gone are the days where you need very expensive simulation mannikins that cost your kidney to repair and maintain. With ALSi you can use much cheaper mannikins yet maintain a high fidelity simulation experience. The current simulation mannikins are also heavy and bulky and rely upon a wired ( albeit wireless versions are available that cost more than your average family care) connection to the controller. This has been a major headache for prehospital trainers and educators trying to take high fidelity simulation training outside the classroom and into ambulances, aircraft and down the side of a cliff. Now with ALSi you can do it! Which is why experienced prehospital providers and educators are jumping onto the ALSi bandwagon!

Cost-effective Simulation

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Fully customisable. Only show the parameters required based on the scenario or local equipment
  • Multiple ECG waveforms
  • SpO2, EtCO2 and arterial waveforms
  • NIBP
  • Scenario Editor
  • Facilitator and Student Modes
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Customised designed case to hold the student iPad to enhance the realisim
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Standardized Patient or Manikin

I have chosen ALSi as the simulation platform to run the inaugural Aeromedical Simulation Cup competition for the Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nurses Australia 2012 meeting in Cairns in August. Stay tuned for the hot footage from the team competitions and find out the eventual winning team! Will Cliff Reid’s Sydney team take it? Will the Kiwi team? Place your bets!

Conflict of interest declaration: iSimulate is providing a full ALSi simulation kit for competition use and has kindly sponsored the winning prize of the Aeromedical Simulation Cup competition 2012, as a full 12 month subscription to the ALSi software.

4 thoughts on “Prehospital Simulation training with iSimulate

  1. I’ve had the opportunity of seeing these and was pretty impressed! I didn’t get a chance to find out if they could apply a “theme” to make the screen look like a given brand of cardiac monitor to improve the fidelity of the experience.

    I think the next training code I run I’m going to use a giant stuffed bear. It’ll take the edge off running a code.

  2. It’s great kit – easy to use, intuitive and I gather options like Et anaesthetic gas, temperature etc are in the pipeline…and maybe even options to ‘pause’ and to pre-programme a scenario to run.

    Just got to scrape together the pennies to buy it, plus the extra iPad…might have to wait til this years tax bill paid…

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