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PHARM Podcast 24 – Surviving the cold with Professor Gordon Giesbrecht

Professor Popsicle ( Gordon Giesbrecht) -image from Cold Water Boot Camp website

A month or so ago, those Norwegian prehospital doctors on, wrote an article highlighting research and education by a man, Professor Gordon Giesbrecht aka Professor Popsicle, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

His specialty area is cold water immersion and hypothermia research. It was suggested I record an interview with the good professor himself and so here it is!

SO IF YOU EVER go holidaying in a Scandinavian or Canadian winter…or let alone travel in any part of the world where you may have to survive after an accident in freezing conditions, especially in cold water…LISTEN UP!

Show Note references cited:

ScanCrit.Com article on Dr Popsicle and 1-10-1 rule

Cold Water Boot camp


Now on to the Podcast

Right Click and Choose Save-as to Download the Podcast.

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  1. K #

    Amazing effort Minh. You did it. Thank you!
    And a huge thanks to Professor Giesbrecht!

    June 25, 2012

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