PHARM Podcast 29 : Dr Seth Trueger takes Washington

Seth Trueger
Tune in to hear Seth and I discuss being a new attending, intubation, health policy and cricoid pressure!

Hi folks!

This episode with Dr Seth Trueger, ex Chief Resident at Mt Sinai, NYC. Schooled in the dark arts of airway management and ED critical care by Mr EmCrit himself, Dr Scott Weingart. He has started a new position as EM attending in Washington DC and working on his MPH as part of a health policy training post.

Check out Seth’s own superlative EM/CC blog site calledĀ  MDAware

  1. On this episode we discuss:
  2. Whats it like to transition from resident to attending
  3. Post intubation torture minimisation
  4. Critical airway case discussion
  5. Seth’s first intubation as attending and human factors tips
  6. Capnography withdrawal
  7. Cricoid pressure and the day the music died


Stay safe and enjoy the interview


Now on to the Podcast

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3 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 29 : Dr Seth Trueger takes Washington

  1. Excellent commentary

    What next after ‘Seth takes Washington’?

    I’m gonna vote for ‘DuCanto does Dallas’…would be an interesting videopodcast…

  2. Ooohhh….Yeehhhh…… We can only hope one of my colleagues down there will invite me down there to lecture. Especially if it involves some high quality, disaster management simulation, or zero gravity airway management via SGA in their modified airplane for zero gravity simulation–Airway management at the Kennedy Space Center, etc…

    I would rather go to Maryland (US Navy)—I do have an idea to ventilate victims underwater in a trapped vehicle/aircraft (I do have a SCUBA diving background, only 3 shipwreck dives).

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