PHARM Podcast 37 – DSI Retrieval Case with MICA Flight Paramedic Ben Meadley

Flight Paramedic Ben Meadley(middle back of picture) tells us about his first DSI case

Hi folks! Ben Meadley has a great prehospital blog. He is proud of his service, MICA Victoria. Things that we talk about during the interview are:

  1. His first DSI case during a recent aeromedical retrieval
  2. Recent Aeromedical Conference in Cairns
  3. Head Injury Retrieval Trial results
  4. Dr Ron Walls on Sept EMRAP episode

SHow Note references :

Dr Alan Garner’s HIRT results presentation slides

Dr Ron Wall’s episode on Sept EMRAP

2012 Aeromedical conference in Cairns reports DAY ONE


DSI Paucis Verbis card

Stay safe and enjoy the interview! I certainly did!


Now on to the Podcast

Right Click and Choose Save-as to Download the Podcast.

10 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 37 – DSI Retrieval Case with MICA Flight Paramedic Ben Meadley

    1. Hi Bill! I believe the air crewman or woman is trained to a basic emergency med tech level not the pilot . Perhaps we discuss the pros and cons of this on an episode ?? I received my AMPA members package yesterday! Great textbook!

    2. Hi Bill,

      The pilots have no medical training, but crewman are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Assistant. (In saying that the pilots often chip in, and many can draw up drugs, set up the ventilator and Propaq, and run an syringe pump.) The crewman EMA role entails only managing equipment, drugs and logistics associated with clinical care, but no clinical judgement or assessment. The curriculum is 3 days classroom with MICA Flight Paramedic Instructor(s), 80 hours observation on MICA road ambulances, followed by 3 monthly skills assessment/currency once operational. These guys and girls are incredibly systematic and efficient at what they do – they apply the same principles they demonstrate in their aviation/SAR roles to the medical stuff. As I said in the interview, a lot of the time they are a step ahead of the paramedic as they will have been part of many complex prehospital and retrieval cases once they’ve been doing it for a while.


      Ben Meadley.

  1. Hi Ming and Ben ,
    Great talk! As a Melbournian ED registrar , I work closely with MICA and ambulance Victoria! Just one question to Ben ( and Ming ) , after meeting with few difficult airway cases and bad outcomes , what MICA should do if they suspect really difficult intubation on severely hypoxia patient already with NIV , can MICA call any person more experience in intubation ? or ” Scoop and run ” is the best thing to do ?
    Thanks guys!

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