PHARM Podcast 42 – BEDSIDE 2012 & SMACC 2013 with Lynch, Flower,MacPartlin & Nickson

Dr Doug Lynch (right of image), new PHARM roving reporter!

How much fun can a conference really be?

Especially what looks like an Intensive Care conference.

You know the sort of thing; some really clever people talking about some really clever stuff; extra-corporeal hepatic replacement therapy, high frequency oscillatory ventilation and a lot of p-values.

I like those sort of conferences but I loved being at Bedside Critical Care 3

September 2012 saw the third Bedside Critical Care Conference (#BCC3). This year the conference moved to the fabulous Whitsunday Islands in North Queensland Australia. (Google “Whitehaven Beach” click images and you’ll see what I mean.)

BCC3 is a wonderful informal model of ultra relevant critical care training that has been created and run by Roger Harris and Oli Flower of the Intensive Care Network. Roger and Oli have built on the successes of the previous events when Liz Steel and Carole Foote were also involved.

Thats a lot of the Royal North Shore but whatever is happening at the Royal North Shore ICU it looks good from here.

BCC3 was an inclusive, informal festival of critical care enthusiasts; all of them. There were nurses and doctors, juniors and professors, emergency clinicians and super-specialists, anaesthetists and general practitioners, chilled out company rep’s and the president of the Australian Resus Council. I didn’t meet a paramedic. That would have been good. (@prehospitalpro, you have to come!)

I was there. My name is Doug Lynch and I work with Minh for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I am a rural generalist with a critical care twist. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I consider the RFDS to be a sort of extremely remote intensive care outreach among many other things.

One of the really special things that BCC3 gracefully achieved is that the Profs were mixed in with the interns, with the nurses, with the ED docs and with the pre-hospital providers.

Somehow the mixture of simulation, interactive workshops, teeny ten minute snappy talks, humour and serious high level excellence was just perfect.

By the end of each day I was not tired of it and I wanted to hang out with the other delegates, their husbands, their wives, their kids. The evenings were spent together and we talked critical care, we talked about family, we talked grand plan health care strategy, we talked about work life mix, we talked about education, we talked about art-culture-sport-food-wine-politics-travel and we talked about Social Media And Critical Care.

I grabbed a microphone and a few leading lights in the extended critical care and Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) world and we talked some more.

I speak very quickly when its fun but very slowly when its very serious. This was fun. I’m not Minh Le Cong but you might be interested in the thoughts of Matt McPartlin (@rollcagemedic), Oli Flower (@NeuroICU) (Both of them @I_C_N) and Chris Nickson; Emergency Physician, ICU Trainee Life In The Fast Lane co-founder and key note speaker at the BCC3 (@precordialthump).

EVERYONE MUST COME TO SMACC 2013 11-13th March IN SYDNEY! (Editor’s comment-Minh)

Now on to the Podcast

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6 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 42 – BEDSIDE 2012 & SMACC 2013 with Lynch, Flower,MacPartlin & Nickson

  1. Sounds like a matter we need to investigate.

    Announcing the (second) most anticipated conference of 2013


    Facial Hair And Critical Care

    “This is going to be great.”

    We’re going to have Mo’s, Goatees, flavour retainers, ticklers…… “les grandes barbes” ….you grow it and we will talk/tweet about it!

    This is an all inclusive event we want good facial hair, bad facial hair, silly facial hair, there is no limit! And we have an entire session planned on women with facial hair in critical care!

    If you have Facial Hair or have been affected by Facial Hair this is your forum.

    We want doctors, nurses, paramedics, and in a world first we are extending invites to the rest of the animal kingdom! That’s right this conference covers human, veterinarian and extraterrestrial facial hair issues.

    We hope to have Saesee Tiin. (Unconfirmed)

    Pack your toothbrush but not your razor and come to Cairns in Far North Quernsland immediately after the SMACC conference in Sydney.

    More details to follow.

    FHACC: it might not go viral but it will grow on you!

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