PHARM Podcast 50 :Do you need to see at all? -the art of blind intubation

Hi folks. The title track for this episode is by a legendary Australian rock band of the 80’s, Hunters and Collectors with their song ” Do you see what I see”

A listener emailed a comment about the Fastrach intubating LMA so I thought I would make this episode as a podcast.

Before the advent of videolaryngoscopy, blind intubation techniques have been developed and practised for years. The question I was posed was should the occasional intubator forgoe direct laryngoscopy and just learn and practice blind intubation techniques. Is there a role for blind techniques in the era of growing VL dominance? Will VL take over all intubation techniques ? ARE WE VISUALLY BIASED IN AIRWAY MANAGEMENT?

Show Note references:

The use of the intubating laryngeal mask airway in emergency prehospital intubations

Unanticipated Difficult airway management in the prehospital emergency setting : prospective validation of an algorithim

Airway management during spaceflight : a comparison of four airway devices in simulated microgravity

Blind nasal intubation by Dr Levitan

Prehospital blind nasal intubation by paramedics

Blind nasotracheal intubation for patients with penetrating neck trauma

A meta-analysis of prehospital airway control techniques

Tune in and hear what I have to say!

Now on to the Podcast

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