PHARM Podcast 52: Q&A with listener feedback

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Hi folks.

Tonight a Q&A feedback session from a listener’s email!

Tune in !

Now on to the Podcast

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6 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 52: Q&A with listener feedback

  1. Wow
    Thanx Minh!
    Answered all my questions and then some amazingly!!
    Thank you for the privelage and for offering such a great insight with such clarity into your field.

    1. Hi Aidan,

      I’m also a 17 year old high school student, from Canada, who is very passionate about prehospital emergency medicine as well. It’s great to know there are other people my age who are as interested in the area as myself.

      Minh, thank you so much for providing a medium that young people like us can learn from, as traditionally before FOAMEd and sites like your own, it was much harder to learn about this incredible area. It is much apreciated. While I may not be doing an rsi in the near future, listening to experts through the podcasts is an oppurtunity we wouldn’t otherwise get.

      The insight you provided into “the dream job” in this podcast was great.

      Thanks Again!


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