PHARM Podcast 53: #FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – Airway Decision making


Hi folks! This episode we cover:

  1. Nightmare airway case scenario
  2. General approach to emergency airway management
  3. EDICT

Show note references :

  1. Airway Cam – Dr Levitan’s awesome website
  2. EMUPDATES – Dr Strayer’s awesome website
  3. Dr Seth Trueger’s excellent blog
  4. Tracheostomy safety website


Tune in !

Now on to the Podcast

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6 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 53: #FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – Airway Decision making

  1. Great learning case. I dealt with something similar in ICU a couple weeks ago… a partially dislodged tracheostomy tube and difficult intubation features. Quite challenging.

    One thing I’d like to add to the discussion, which I think Minh aluded to, is in this case presentation with neck radiation plus an unusual tracheostomy tube, one should consider whether this may be a laryngectomy stoma rather than a standard tracheostomy. The implication being that if you obtain that piece of info in the history the option of intubation from above is completely off the table, there’s no physical connection to the trachea from above in these patients.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. A simple test for tube occlusion I devised after a scary in incident as an intern, a case that kind of reminds me of this one. I was on call alone at a tiny rural hospital – an intubated patient became impossible to ventilate over a few minutes, at the time I reasoned that it was either the lungs or the tube, if it was the former the patient was f***ed anyways, but if it was the latter then removal of the tube would be lifesaving. So I did, and turned out the tube was occluded with thick mucus, so thick that nothing could be aspirated.

    Well afterwards I figured out a simple test for “tube vs lungs”: Deflate the cuff, if it then becomes easy to bag, but air leaks out then it is the lungs. If it is still just as difficult to bag then it is the tube…

  3. Is that manikin..head the ambu..head since it’s so tanned and asthetically pleasing?
    Which airway head have you found most realistic for airway training? Trucorp…or airway Larry head?
    Keep up the good work Min.


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