PHARM Podcast 59 : Airway skills maintenance – the occasional intubator revisited


Hi folks!

Its snowing in Utah

photo (4)

This is a photo of the Snow outside, sent to me from my mate Dr Rob Bryant in Utah. Remember him?

rob bryant ED

Yep the one from the Damn Sexy Intubation episode.

Anyway we had a chat on the occasional intubator and airway skills maintenance. How do you keep your emergency airway skills good enough? What if you have to supervise trainees and cant get a lot of real skills use in your daily clinical work?

Are airway courses valuable? What about airway training mannikins? Perhaps buying an expensive video laryngoscope will help compensate for occasional intubation practice and airway skills degradation?


  1. Mentally and physically practice all emergency airway skills, regularly and deliberately
  2. Focus your practice on skills and scenarios that make you uncomfortable or you lack confidence in
  3. Get a coach and mentor. Your deliberate practice needs some guidance from a trusted source
  4. Review all your airway cases. all the time. Learn from each and everyone of them. Use structured audit and review process
  5. Your enemy is hypoxia. It deserves the utmost respect. Focus your practice on this.
  6. The enemy of good is better. Strive to be better at your airway management. This is the discipline

Now on to the Podcast

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5 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 59 : Airway skills maintenance – the occasional intubator revisited

  1. Reblogged this on AmboFOAM and commented:
    A fantastic and at times fiery conversation between Minh and Scott on various issues surrounding airway management. The highlight for me is around 21 minutes where Scott discusses the use of fentanyl and midazolam as induction agents in the haemodynamically unstable patient. Sadly this is the only option I have at the moment (still waiting…waiting… waiting on ketamine) so it is interesting to hear his take. Well worth a listen.

  2. Thanks Minh, I was wondering about the ‘occasional intubator’ part! Nonetheless a great podcast, it’s brilliant to hear a passionate yet respectful conversation on these topics.

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