SMACC 2013 My thoughts

IMG_1291Sunrise over Sydney on Day 3 of SMACC 2013

I am on the airplane flight back home to Cairns. SMACC 2013 is over.

Here are my thoughts.


Inspirational. Despite being totally exhausted, I left Sydney feeling elated with sense of community and kindred spirit.




I met heroes. Not just mine but true heroes of emergency medicine, critical care, remote medicine,  medical education, FOAMEd.


I met supporters of PHARM blog and podcast, from Australia and internationally. I was so humbled by those who came and conveyed their gratitude. There were some who said that I had helped them to stay inspired during training and their own professional development. This is what we live for as educators, teachers, mentors.


I met my own mentors in FOAMEd. It felt like a meeting of old friends, despite it being the first physical encounter for many.


I met leaders. Medicine can be such an isolated, individualistic life path and rarely do we come across true leaders. I did at SMACC 2013.


I heard stories of loss, inspiration, victory, struggle, birth, death, tragedy, strength, beauty. Rarely does a medical conference convey such emotional and cognitive engagement.


I learnt new things to aid my clinical work. Advanced ultrasound pointers, updates in fluid resuscitation concepts, ED critical care concepts, resuscitative surgery concepts in prehospital medicine



I laughed. Rarely does a medical conference inject such humour and creativity into the program and ambience.


BUt above all I was inspired. How often do you leave a medical conference with that feeling?


SMACC 2013 thankyou.



4 thoughts on “SMACC 2013 My thoughts

  1. A major highlight was meeting you in the flesh. I’ve learned so much from the PHARM blog in the last year that has made a difference to patient care. It’s excellent work and makes a difference to patient care around the world.

    What more could we ask for?

    Super stuff.


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