PHARM Podcast 67 : Irish PHARM with Dr John Hinds

John hinds

hi folks.

I interview Dr John HInds, a consultant anaesthetist/ICU doctor, prehospital doctor and motorsports medico in Ireland. We had a fun chat on a couple of prehospital articles, anaesthesia and airway management.

Show note references:

  1. Introduction of the i-gel supraglottic airway device for prehospital airway management in a UK ambulance service
  2. Undertreatment of acute pain (oligoanalgesia) and medical practice variation in prehospital analgesia of adult trauma patients : a 10 yr retrospective study
  3. Issues of critical airway management (Which anesthesia; Which surgical airway?)

Now on to the Podcast

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2 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 67 : Irish PHARM with Dr John Hinds

  1. This was a really great podcast . My two favorite topics in one airway and analgesia .
    Could you at some point do a podcast just on prehospital analgesia . It seems to be done poorly far too offen at least in the u.s thanks for the truly great podcast and blog posts

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