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This excellent FOAMEd blogsite is the genius work of Dr Nicholas Chrimes, Dr Peter Fritz and Dr Anoushka Perera.
It has great stuff for anaesthesia and emergency doctors but really anyone interested in resuscitation and critical care will get valuable insights and information from this high quality free educational site. The authors are keen educators and it shows.

THis is the birth place of the VORTEX

There are always great insights into areas of emergency and elective anaesthesia, airway management and education.

Get Some Cred now!
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3 thoughts on “Get some Cred, ClinicalCred!

  1. Noted the Vortex approach from the guys in Melbourne a couple of months ago on EMCRIT! I wondered what your thoughts were on this Ming and how relevant you think it is to your own practice in the pre-hospital setting? It seems to me to be a fairly intuitive visual mental model to follow and a great way to teach an approach to a difficult airway. Not only that, but it might help with decision making and progression down the time critical difficult airway algorithm…

    1. thanks Andrew. VORTEX is simply brilliant. Simple, easy to remember. I think we should all be adopting it in our emergency airway management.

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