2013 Management of bleeding and coagulopathy following major trauma: an updated European guideline


Aggiornate le raccomandazioni Europee sulla diagnosi ed il controllo delle emorragie nei traumi maggiori.
Consultatele e scaricatele in pdf
Alla pagina dedicata alle linee guida trovate tutte le linee guida appena pubblicate su molti argomenti di attualità clinica in medicina d’urgenza.
Linee Guida

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  1. Fibrinogen is recommended as alternative to FFP.
    In my opinion, Fibrinogen has great potential in retrieval medicine. It is depleted in an early phase of trauma coagulopathy and should be replaced early It is easy to transport in a cold pack (recommended storage temperature 2-25 degree centigrade) and easy to reconstitute.
    FFP and Cryoprecipitate are impractical in the prehospital arena due to storage and thawing requirements.
    Is Fibrinogen nowadays commercially available in Australia?

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