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PHARM Podcast 95 – Richard Levitan on SMACCGOLD and a call to airway excellence


Richard Levitan and Robert Simpson at SMACCGOLD Gala Dinner Photo courtest of Roberts blogsite, AmboFOAM

Today on the podcast,  Dr Richard Levitan chats to me about  facilitating at the SMACCGOLD Airway workshop and his experience of SMACCGOLD. He also shares his vision of the future of airway skills teaching and education, especially in regard to EM docs adopting flexible endoscopy skills. Finally we hear about his American courses in Yellowstone, Baltimore and New York City in 2014! We talk about his best day in medicine and finally he puts down a call, a challenge for all of us to keep improving and to aim for excellence, forget turf wars and do whats best for the patient.

Rob Simpson gets scoped by Toby St Clair at the SMACCGOLD Airway workshop picture courtesy of AmboFOAM site


Show Notes:

1. This is Richard’s tweet regarding  EM docs needing flexible scope skills

(Podcast available here and on iTunes)

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