PHARM PODCAST 99 : TamingTheSRU and friends!!

Hi Folks

On today’s show, we have the folks from TamingTheSru and UCAirCare, Dr Jeff Hill, Dr Mike Steuerwald and Dr Bill Hinckley. Our good friend of PHARM, Dr James DuCanto joins in to talk about his involvement in Dr Levitan’s Advanced Airway workshop at Yellowstone. Finally Dr Yen Chow comes and gives his perspective on prehospital and retrieval medicine from Canada.

Show notes:

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One thought on “PHARM PODCAST 99 : TamingTheSRU and friends!!

  1. Minh, Jim, and Yen, it was an honor and a privilege! Minh, our fourth colleague on the line was Dr. Ryan Gerecht, who along with Dr. Steuerwald served this year as the resident assistant medical director of Air Care, and who will be sticking around for his EMS fellowship with us starting in July. He is deservedly the winner of EMRA Jean Hollister EMS Award for 2014, a national honor! Follow him on Twitter @RGerecht. Thanks again, my friend.

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