PHARM Podcast 128 : Are you going soft? with Dr Stephen Rashford



Hi Folks

On today’s show, I talk with Dr Stephen Rashford, an emergency physician in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and also Medical Director of the Queensland Ambulance service(QAS). Earlier in 2015, the QAS rolled out soft neck collars to replace the traditional hard neck collars for prehospital cervical spine care. On the podcast, we discuss the origins of this concept and the evidence base including how consensus was reached amongst all trauma disciplines in Queensland emergency and hospital system.

I had a Twitter discussion with Stephen prior to the podcast and it makes for some useful prologue to the read on!









Further reading/viewing:

Prehospital spinal immobilisation: an initial consensus statement UK 2013

Spinal immobilisation debate at Gosford Trauma evening June 2015

A practical approach to C Spines?

Spinal immobilisation and extrication from cars

Rationale for prehospital soft collar use

Prehospital maxillofacial haemorrhage control

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