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PHARM Podcast 131 Confessions of a former ATLS instructor

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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  1. Donna O'Kane #

    Interesting talk Ming. As a current EMST instructor and new ETM instructor can relate totally. In two minds about continuing with EMST teaching. But I feel I may be able to introduce up to date evidence. Next teaching course in Darwin in a few weeks. Have taught finger thorocostomy in last few courses. Going to teach some ETM principles

    February 11, 2016
    • Thanks Donna . I think you have best of both worlds then. I just wish EMST was more multidisciplinary and more affordable . The manual should be Australian authored for local context . And it should be open access like the ATACC manual

      February 11, 2016
      • I hear that Donna….also teach on ETM and direct on EMST-ATLS. Problem is, the candidates for EMST are examined to 9th edition, regardless of what we teach them. Perhaps more scope to disucss modern trauma management on the refreshers, but lets agree that EMST-ATLS should be re-badged as ‘basic trauma life support’ and a more FOAMed option pffered as ATLS proper

        Bear in mind both EMST and ETM manuals are not FOAMed….pay to view…..but of the two, Id recommend ETM

        Having ATACC or even BTACC here in Oz would be awesome

        February 11, 2016
  2. Ash #

    I agree too Minh, never instructed on the ATLS but felt the European Trauma course was better for senior practioners. ATLS probably should remain at medical student and resident level.
    Nurses were always my team leaders in ALS when I was back in the UK.
    I also question the senior most person always standing back and leading. I have seen time and again crucial interventions taking too long and failing because the person performing the procedure doesn’t necessarily have the experience.
    That style suits teams where each individual in the team has expertise in what they are supposed to do but I have seen it too often fail, in peripheral hospitals where the expertise may be lacking and the Team Leader is hands Off, because thats the way it should be done.
    Also the “I’ll support as instructor someone who I can share a drink at faculty dinner” also rings true. Seen too many potentially good instructors not supported because they are not the typical extroverted intructor-type.
    Good to hear this talk.

    April 14, 2016

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