PHARM Podcast 141 Dr StrangleLove or:How I learned to stop worrying and love the soft collar







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  1. I believe that in 10 years time we will be using the use of rigid/semi-rigid collars as a classic example of the introduction of a clinical procedure based on zero evidence and that caused more harm than good. Yet another example of how things turn full circle. 29 years ago when I started as a paramedic we used to clear the cervical spine and we used soft collars. Without any evidence we suddenly changed to immobilising just about every trauma patient and started applying semi rigid collars. A few years ago we again started clearing the cervical spine in appropriate patients and now we are moving back to soft collars.

    My only regret with the QLD ambulance service decision to move to soft collars is that they didn’t do it initially as a prospective, randomised clinical trial.

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