PHARM Podcast 147 British Columbian Air Ambulance Service with Greg Schmor

Hi folks, I chat to nice guy Greg Schmor, critical care transport medic for British Columbia Ambulance service. We discuss his work in regional critical care in BC and issue of psychiatric aeromedical retrieval. And maybe a bit on politics



Show notes:


Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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  1. Hi Minh and Greg,

    Sitting here with my popcorn and listening….. great podcast! Greg is a former mentor and a great spokesperson for paramedics in BC. Despite making your life difficult when I was a student, I was not trying to do so today :).The discussion around staff configuration was nice – I think this it was well balanced and I know this is an area for continued debate and discussion (I personally am not that dogmatic despite the press… I just think we have a great model with a lot of physician support for it hence my enthusiastic support).

    As well, it was a great discussion around psychiatric transfers including the issues around it, and the important role of our Infant Transport Team.

    Thanks for a great focus on what we do in BC.

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