PHARM Podcast 150 Cut to Cure with Dr Michael Morgan

Surgical Airway (Cricothyrotomy) Performed by Ram Parekh from Scott from EMCrit on Vimeo.

Hi folks

on todays episode I chat to Dr Michael Morgan who is a recent graduate of the University of Utah Emergency medicine residency, and worked with Dr Rob Bryant on the edible cric vs pig trachea project.  He is one of the residents that helped fine tune Rob’s surgical airway educational strategy- it turns out it was effective!

He just performed his first every surgical airway 60 days after finishing residency, and the case is a great story, as is Mikes mental preparation for the surgical airway. Mike is part way through his global health fellowship and is working on a project  involving an educational outreach to Vietnam.

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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One thought on “PHARM Podcast 150 Cut to Cure with Dr Michael Morgan

  1. Excellent work Doc. Sounded like A really dynamic situation. I wonder if in the midst of the situation if the doc noted if that initial nasal cannula was wide open or was it within the normal 2-4 range? I am imagining the support staff in my own environment and I have seen some wide-eyed and skeptical looks when I have recommended the move. Scott W. has spoken at length about the ability for the NC to maintain sat levels. With the understanding that the majority of the airway was filled with blood, could this have helped the desat and the subsequent abdominal distension?



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