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PHARM Podcast 155 There still is blood (Part2)

Hi folks

on todays episode I describe a hypothetical case based on an actual real life one, posing the dilemma of how to manage the patient with life threatening bleeding in a remote area.

SHow notes:

  1.  Haemostatic resuscitation
  2. The European guideline on management of major bleeding and coagulopathy following trauma: fourth edition

  3. Damage control resuscitation: lessons learned

  4. The Use of Saline as a Resuscitation Fluid in ED

  5. Fluid management in patients with trauma: Restrictive versus liberal approach
  7. ETM Podcast Episode 10 – Bruce Paix & Andrew Perry – Haemorrhage control in trauma

  8. Review of fluid resuscitation and massive transfusion protocols from a military perspective

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

Right Click and Choose Save-as to Download the Podcast.

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  1. Grant Jonsson, MSc, CC-paramedic #

    Doctor…I believe your podcast might not be functioning. Or, more likely, it’s just me, but please check it out.

    November 1, 2016
    • R #

      No, it isn’t just you. I can’t stream or download a playable MP3 either.

      November 1, 2016
      • thanks for the feedback. Bloody Russian hackers! its fixed now so please try again and enjoy!

        November 1, 2016
  2. Grant Jonsson, MSc, CC-paramedic #

    Doctor…What do you think about DARPA’s injectable foam blocks. The site is: “”? This is, unfortunately, not an actual link, because I don’t know how to make a link. It is, of course, still in the early research phase, but I would think if it proves worthy that it could be a real lifesaver in many situations, but especially like those you have in the rural areas of a country the size of Australia.

    November 2, 2016
    • I’ll look at anything to improve on salty water

      November 2, 2016

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