PHARM Podcast 164 VerSed gives you Cred in Victoria

sedation drugs
A little bit of this and a little bit of that..

Hi folks

on todays episode I discuss a recent RCT done in Victoria on midazolam and droperidol sedation for acute severe behavioural disturbance .
My two guests are Dr Ian Summers @IanMeducator and Dr Jonty Karro @JontyTox

Show notes:

Midazolam-Droperidol, Droperidol, or Olanzapine for Acute Agitation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Intravenous Midazolam-Droperidol Combination, Droperidol or Olanzapine Monotherapy for Methamphetamine-related Acute Agitation: Subgroup Analysis of a Randomised Controlled Trial

Droperidol and midazolam, alone or combined, have similar effects on duration of violent and acute behaviour disturbance in emergency department patients

Randomized clinical trial comparing intravenous midazolam and droperidol for sedation of the acutely agitated patient in the emergency department

A really good presentation on DORM and post DORM trial stuff on acute behvaioural disturbance in emergency department!

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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