PHARM Podcast 170 Prehospital intubation for traumatic brain injury

Hi folks

on todays episode I discuss a recent paper on prehospital intubation and TBI.

Here’s the abstract:

Prehospital Intubation is Associated with Favorable Outcomes and Lower Mortality in ProTECT III

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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One thought on “PHARM Podcast 170 Prehospital intubation for traumatic brain injury

  1. Another thought with regard to air versus ground transport, at least in the USA with paramedics. Ground medics can certainly be as good, or in a number of instances better, than many of their air colleagues. However, medics who gravitate to HEMS have invariably had extensive experience on the ground, and are more rigorously vetted. Basically, there will be a higher percentage of air medics than of ground medics who I would trust with the life of a loved one. There is no such thing as a HEMS medic who is dealing with his or her first major trauma, or difficult airway, while a ground medic might indeed be, in this regard, a “virgin”. Not likely, but possible, in a medic/EMT crew. By the way, I’m a critical care ground medic, and seldom call for HEMS unless we are at the farthest point from a trauma center in our service area, and have a prolonged extrication. Otherwise we are 30-35 minutes from the trauma center and I can have the patient there in less time than could HEMS, and I have lots of experience. And, I stay up to date on the literature 🙂

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