PHARM Podcast 184 Bush Doctors


Hi folks

on todays episode I read an excerpt from a new book about rural doctors in Australian Outback. Its personal relevance to me as Dr Claire Schmidt is a UK doctor who I orientated to the RFDS Charleville base about a decade ago now. So I have been witness to her journey , her story over those years and its humbling to read it on paper. In fact I know a number of the doctors featured in the book. The Australian Outback ( including our territories in Antarctica) is vast but yet it possesses an odd sense of community borne via shared hardships, the tyranny of distance and the hostile environment. Yet folks carve and nurture a life out there. And doctors tend to their ills, their wounds and so this book is some of their stories. Its a great read if you are interested in the intimately human.

You can buy the book online from several outlets.

Here’s a link to the eBay


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