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PHARM Podcast 186 Measuring Time By Mitochondrial Eve


Hi folks

on todays episode I feature a poem written and spoken by an ICU nurse , Mitochondrial Eve ( her Twitter handle is @BrowofJustice )
Check out her blog site here!

Measuring Time – by Mitochondrial Eve

38 years old,

eight hours after emergency open-heart surgery,

back from the OR for a second time.

Twelve hours until dawn.

120/55, 112, 16, 93%.

A heartbeat is comprised of parts,

forming a series of numbers

that define stability within this intensive space.

70/33, 175, 10, 80%.

Thirty seconds.

50/20, 200, nothing, nothing…

Two halves for two hands,

one on top of the other.

Two brothers to stand attention as the thing unfolds,

this stopping and starting,

this push-hard-push-fast,

two cycles of thirty,

two measured breaths between rounds.

Two pads deliver 200 joules to one chest.

Three specialists in one room.

One surgeon.

Five nurses.

A single heart.

Two hands over two halves,

the sternum a spring of bone and steel,

five wires snugged, looped,

palpable under pressure the edge between,

the pressure just shy of two inches down

and two back up then down again,

at least a solid hundred times in sixty seconds.

Two hands belonging to one nurse.

One patient in two halves.

One daughter in the waiting room,

twelve years old.

A series of numbers—

the way we mark time in this infinite space.

200 mcgs of epinephrine every minute.

Three more shocks at 200 joules.

Two halves for two hands to break and make whole.

One patient, skin slick and grey,

no beats per minute or breaths without

two hands to support and assist.

Three cracked ribs.

Two brothers hugging shoulders,

backs against the wall.

One chaplain.

Too many cycles.

No response.

One daughter, alone.

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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