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PHARM Podcast 187 After too many drinks By Mitochondrial Eve


Hi folks

on todays episode I feature a poem written and spoken by an ICU nurse , Mitochondrial Eve ( her Twitter handle is @BrowofJustice )
Check out her blog site here!

After too many drinks – by Mitochondrial Eve

After too many drinks

after a long weekend of work

she told me the first true thing about herself

and this is what she said:

Did I ever tell you how I finally decided

to leave my first husband?

It was raining at the trailer park where we lived.

I was sitting in the car watching the drops

bleed down the windshield

when the song “Fast Car”

came on the radio, and

I realized I never felt like I belonged anywhere.

My life wasn’t a zero,

it was a deficit and it would never be more,

I would never be worth anything,

my children and I would live and die

in that same trailer park

watching puddles grow in the rain.

So I took them and I left.

But you know…

I carry that trailer park with me everywhere I go.

Someday I’m going to leave it and never look back. 

Well, that’s good,

I said to say something.

This she ignores.

I take a drink, then another.

This is my trailer park,

I say to myself,

this bar with the scarred counter

and the thick shady glasses

and the haze and the plywood wall

where one night Brett had two too many

and broke two bones with a right hook.

OU lost, I remember.

Adam smiles every time I come in,

serves me doubles as singles,

just keeps them coming,

what better way to watch

the hours run down the side of the glass

to puddle on the edge of my sleeve.

She rises, graceful despite the weight,

the weight she bears like a fifth pregnancy,

shoulders square and stocky.

It’s drafty in here.

Wish it would clear the air

but too much confession burdens the space between us,

too much and not enough.

I love you, I think.

One more round, I say. 

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