PHARM Podcast 189 RapidDeploy Computer Aided Dispatch with Dr Anne Creaton

Hi folks

on todays episode I hand the reins over to

anne creaton
Dr Anne Creaton

emergency physician and a long time friend of the show. She interviews

Francesco Frugiuele

(Head of international business)

Brett Meyerowitz



from RapidDeploy, an innovative company providing computer aided dispatch solutions for emergency medical systems.

RapidDeploy has been in operation for over 4 years as a cloud based Call Taking and Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) platform across multiple sectors.  RapidDeploy uses state of the art technology to solve the key challenges faced by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers such as reducing response times, incident command and control and effective real-time communication between responders, commanders and dispatchers.  Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the RapidDeploy platform is both resilient and scalable for dynamic workloads.
RapidDeploy simplifies the complexity of emergency services dispatch, making a real and positive impact. Since inception, RapidDeploy has dispatched thousands of incidents without a single minute of downtime, massively reducing response times and saving lives.  RapidDeploy does mission critical dispatch cheaper, faster and more reliably than anyone else.
Using cutting-edge technologies and progressive process design, the key differentiators that make the RapidDeploy solution best-of-breed include:
• Integration to third-party panic button apps, allowing geo-located incident signal receipt and automatic dispatch triggering
• Precise incident location identification
• Accurate patient information using customisable scripts and prompts
• Effective incident management with best vehicle dispatch
• Streamlined and seamless case communication between dispatch operator and vehicles
• Smart dispatch of responders to most relevant place of care
• Comprehensive, secure and auditable case history
• Detailed reviews, reports and analytics
• Expedited billing processes
• Fully integrated Business Intelligence analytics suite allowing benchmarking of performance down to key process steps
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