PHARM Podcast 212 FOAMEd , Feminism and Fascism

Hi folks.
On todays episode I discuss FOAMEd and its current health. What is its relevance and value now after 6yrs?

SHow notes:


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2 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 212 FOAMEd , Feminism and Fascism

  1. Just listened to the podcast….and lots resonated. Thanks Minh! As your words percolated through my brain over the last couple of days I felt there must be some slightly comedic line around FOAM having become FROTH, somewhat. ….now searching for what that could stand for 🙂 Free Radical Othering…..which _some_ of the ‘celebretisation’ seems to have taken on a feeling of being…..’we’ are the wise and you are the ‘others’. needing our wisdom. That probably overstates it…..but there is _some_ feeling of this, I think…..and it is the opposite of a ‘by us, for us’ feel that perhaps the FOAMed ‘brand’ promises ….and for clarity, Minh, you never come across (to me at least) as have a feeling of being part of a more exclusive ‘we’….so keep going please!

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