PHARM Podcast 221 SCRAM

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Show notes:

Addendum to podcast : Thankyou for providing me the opportunity! I have listened to the podcast and there is one amendment needing to be made which relates to the errors- syringe swap what I meant to say was… Routine practice is to prepare Rocuronium (100 mg) in a 10 ml syringe, and Ketamine (200 mg) in a 20 ml syringe. In one observed error, Rocuronium (200 mg) was prepared in a 20 ml syringe, and subsequently incorrectly labelled as Ketamine. This could have resulted in a neuromuscular drug being administered without prior anaesthesia, exposing the patient to harm. (Paul Swinton)

SCRAM™ (Structured CRitical Airway Management), invented by Paul Swinton and Neil Sinclair, was designed and developed to improve the time and safety of the delivery of pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia and tracheal Intubation.
Following the success of the Adult SCRAM™ there has been strong demand from the community for a Paediatric version of SCRAM™. This however, comes with different challenges because one needs to take into account the broader size range of equipment required to cover the paediatric body size spectrum, ranging from around 3kg at birth to 50kg at adolescence, and at the same time have an optimal ergonomic design that improves task utilisation of equipment. Paul Swinton, Dr Jon McCormack and Neil Sinclair undertook this challenge to invent a paediatric version of SCRAM™which is now available (distributor link below).
We currently have distributors in UK, Australia and soon the USA and Canada.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact – Marianne Murphy or
Inventors Twitter Handles:
Dr Jon McCorack –
My Blog  – The purpose of this blog is to explore and share my thoughts on how innovative design can enhance healthcare.
Product information:
2. Schyma BM, Wood A, Sothisrihari S, Swinton P. Optimising Airway Management Kit Dump Using the SCRAM Bag. Poster presented at: Difficult Airway Society Annual Scientific Meeting; 2018 Nov 28-30; Edinburgh, UK.

Podcast ( available here and on iTunes)

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