PHARM podcast Episode 235 There are Crocodiles

Discussion Content Warning:sexcrimes,childexploitation
Hi folks! This episode I discuss some dark things like physicians involved in child exploitation and abuse. This is something I have been thinking over recently as a respected mentor of mine has pleaded guilty to crime of child exploitation. PLease tune off if this will be disturbing or distressing for you.

Show notes:

If you experience distress related to this discussion please consider available support ( in Australia) here 1800RESPECT (for sexual assault support services)

or here BRAVEHEARTS (for child abuse support services)

or here LIFELINE

If you are in another country please access local support services if available 

Qld anaesthetist admits child abuse images

Adelaide cardiologist Andrew Douglas McGavigan pleads guilty to possessing child abuse material

Neurosurgeon caught distributing exploitation material was child victim of notorious paedophile, Brisbane court told

Reports, allegations and inquiries into serious misconduct by Australian troops in Afghanistan 2005–2013

How Australian politics has been shaken to the core in the wake of Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation

The long history of gender violence in Australia, and why it matters today

TikTok Doctor being sued for sexual assault, harassment while at OHSU

CHAPTER 3: Paedophile Networks in Australia – Extent and Activities


Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse by Health Care Providers

Sexual Violation of Patients by Physicians: A Mixed-Methods, Exploratory Analysis of 101 Cases

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