PHARM podcast Episode 241 Tragic sedation death of Elijah McClain

Hi folks! This episode I discuss the tragic death of Elijah McClain in Aurora whilst in police custody and my thoughts on the role of ketamine in his death when it was administered by paramedics upon request of police. I provide some updated research articles on the safety and efficacy of prehospital ketamine and other sedatives in managing prehospital acute behavioural disturbance. From Death We learn.

Show notes:

Death of Elijah McClain

Amended autopsy report September 2022

CNN report 26th Sept 2022 : Elijah McClain’s death due to complications from ketamine sedation following police restraint

See the police and paramedic encounter that led to Elijah McClain’s death

Aurora body camera video shows police asking medics to give powerful drugs to suspect to calm him

Adverse events following emergent prehospital sedation of patients with behavioral emergencies: A retrospective cohort study

Ketamine as a rescue treatment for severe acute behavioural disturbance: A prospective prehospital study

Use of intramuscular ketamine by paramedics in the management of severely agitated patients

Canadian paramedic experience with intramuscular ketamine for
extreme agitation: A quality improvement initiative

Chemical restraint or lethal injection?

Lee deputy died of brain injury after ketamine treatment for alcohol-induced delirium

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