The History Of Sux, The World’s Most Discrete Murder Weapon

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Hi there. This is an interesting read on suxamethonium!

The History Of Sux, The World’s Most Discrete Murder Weapon

But are we so surprised that sux is so deadly? Its got its issues, thats for sure. Like most other drugs . The FDA this week approved sugammadex , the reversal agent for rocuronium. Which made twitter explode with the endless debate over sux vs roc ( sux sucks, roc rocks etc etc blah blah)


Yesterday on twitter, it was brought up that sux is still useful for laryngospasm. Thats true. But rocuronium with sugammadex is better, just sadly more expensive for now. Prices should drop over time.

Anyway more research today I found this interesting article on sux related cardiac arrest

Cardiac Arrest after Succinylcholine: Mortality Greater with Rhabdomyolysis Than Receptor Upregulation

And you must read this excellent Pro/Con debate on suxamethonium in paediatric anaesthesia

Pro–Con Debate The place of suxamethonium in pediatric anesthesia

I agree with the Con side of this debate but its good to understand the issues encompassing the role of sux in anaesthesia and emergency medicine

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