PHARM podcast Episode 240 Experiences of Health Workers in COVID-19 Pandemic with Professor Marie Bismark

For directors working in the health sector, there’s an important chapter on leading through crisis in my new book “Experiences of Health Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic: In Their Own Words”. #AGS2022 #InTheirOwnWords — Prof Marie Bismark FAICD (@mbismark) March 2, 2022

Quarantine Down Under — Adventure Medic

Dr Millie Wood / Foundation Year 3 / Perth, Western Australia How does one survive without fresh air for 14 days? Dr Wood recounts her experiences of quarantine between the four walls of her hotel room in Perth, Australia back in the summer of 2020. The year is 2020. To obtain the luxury of a… QuarantineContinue reading “Quarantine Down Under — Adventure Medic”

Pacific Island Playlist 5: Mental Health | Coda Change

From #SMACC2019, the incredible Jess Morton speaks candidly about her own mental health journey. Eliminating the stigma that surrounds mental health starts with us as healthcare professionals. — Read on

Joint Statement – COVID vaccination only pathway to more normal life | Australian Medical Association

The AMA and members of the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC) have said getting the COVID vaccination is the only pathway back to a more normal life.   — Read on

How a doctor’s suicide broke the silence – Conversations – ABC Radio

Gastroenterologist Andrew Bryant’s active, social and positive exterior gave no hint of the depression he was suffering. Days after his tragic death his wife Susan wrote an email making it clear she and her adult children were not ashamed of the way he died. It went viral (CW: suicide) — Read on

“Contradictory to the Anzac spirit”: Perth anaesthetist Dr Divya Sharma hits out at “small-minded thinking” in India travel ban – Mornings – ABC Radio

Dr Divya Sharma, an anaesthetist, has penned a withering open letter, describing the threat of penalties for Australians trying to return from India as “racist and inhumane” and accusing the Government of “woeful inadequacies”. — Read on

Occupation violence in health care – one nurses’ story of creating change

@wrapemtweet talks with advocacy superstar and nurse Lita Olsson about the tricky and sometime harrowing topic of occupation violence in health care.… Occupation violence in health care – one nurses’ story of creating change