“Contradictory to the Anzac spirit”: Perth anaesthetist Dr Divya Sharma hits out at “small-minded thinking” in India travel ban – Mornings – ABC Radio

Dr Divya Sharma, an anaesthetist, has penned a withering open letter, describing the threat of penalties for Australians trying to return from India as “racist and inhumane” and accusing the Government of “woeful inadequacies”. — Read on http://www.abc.net.au/radio/perth/programs/mornings/dr-divya-sharma-india-travel-ban/13330500

Occupation violence in health care – one nurses’ story of creating change

@wrapemtweet talks with advocacy superstar and nurse Lita Olsson about the tricky and sometime harrowing topic of occupation violence in health care.… Occupation violence in health care – one nurses’ story of creating change

‘We’ve been abandoned’: Stranded Australians are taking their fight to come home to the United Nations

The group says Australia’s quarantine system and cap on repatriation flights has breached an international convention on the right to return home. — Read on http://www.sbs.com.au/news/we-ve-been-abandoned-stranded-australians-are-taking-their-fight-to-come-home-to-the-united-nations