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Could I see your soul by Mitochondrial Eve

I Will Not Cry by Mitochondrial Eve

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Kidneys Song!

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Debts by Matthew Lennon

Oxylog cake!

Anonymous body art 1 #tattswecarry

Anonymous contribution from generous person to our bodyart collection at #UghCafe . Please enjoy but do not reuse without permission of owner(contactable via PHARM editor email Read more

An omelette for my daughter (a poem for #UghCafe)


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Body art of @katbeefulgenz #tattswecarry

Guests and visitors to the #UGH cafe , we are opening a new gallery section to the establishment, featuring artwork especially body art and tattoos. Images are contributed by clinicians via twitter for open sharing under the banner Creative Commons licence of this blog site (refer to disclaimer and commons license on home page). No reuse of imagery is allowed without permission from original owner contributor.
Readers be advised content has consented images of body art, tattoos but no graphic nude imagery
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The Ocean

The Ocean
Crashing waves against the pure white sand of the long stretch of beach
Fading light
He stares along the shoreline and sees her figure slowly making its way towards him

He puts more wood on the campfire
Their black dog runs ahead of her
Comes up to him then runs at a quick pace back to her

Cooling air
Sea breeze
The smell of the ocean

It is like a motherโ€™s embrace
As the ocean curls around the beach shoreline
The fading sun

She has collected sea shells in her shawl
Lays them out on the picnic blanket in front of the fire
He finishes preparing the meal

They eat quietly, sharing the food with their black dog
He remembers the first time he had brought her here
The first time she had seen the ocean

She had cried
He looks over
She is crying now

He puts their dishes away
Sits behind her and hugs her
Rests his head on her neck
Her hand curls behind and up
Finds his neck and rubs it

He will do this
Some nights are like this
More nights now are not

The night stars are coming out
The sun has long gone
There is no moon

The blackness of the ocean now seems to spill out and engulf the land
It Is like they are floating on an island, surrounded by ocean
As she holds him
She stops crying and sighs

Her life before him seems like an infinite time ago
She looks up
Hears the crashing waves
Sees the sparkling stars
And lets herself be washed away in the love between them

Qui Gon’s Bread

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French onion breaded chicken breast by #CookingWithTart


Basil chicken noodle salad & stir-fry from #KerrynsKitchen

Amaretto pannacotta from #MinhsKitchen for the #UghCafe

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Roasted basil chicken thighs by KetaMinh