Sex, Power and Vulnerability: Safeguarding on Expeditions — Adventure Medic

Katie Beck / Medical Coordination Manager and Nurse / Raleigh International Katie Beck is a Registered Nurse with a specialist interest in Emergency, Expedition and Travel Medicine. She has worked on a number of overseas expeditions and in remote environments, and is currently Medical Co-ordination Manager and Deputy for Safeguarding at Raleigh. In the second… via… Continue Reading

PHARM Podcast 214 Guns on the PHARM

13,300 signatures already! Please continue sharing our letter to the NRA where we outline why #GunViolence is our lane. We know that we're not done yet. #ThisIsOurLane #Enough — AFFIRM Research (@ResearchAffirm) November 10, 2018

A perfect storm

"The statistics on doctor suicide are horrifying… and doctors-in-training are particularly susceptible."#MentalHealth#crazysocks4docs — Steve Robson (@DrSteveRobson) November 9, 2018

PHARM Podcast 213 The path to expertise with Dr Stu Marshall

Let me share a few tales about how juniors learn from SoMe.It's not by reading the evidence but by listening to (and maybe not fully understanding) the loudest voices.Dreyfus' model of expertise states novices need rules- that's what they're looking for and what they absorb — Stu Marshall (@hypoxicchicken) October 22, 2018