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The story behind Australia’s first Nobel Peace Prize

Trainee Morale Report 2017 : Royal College of Anaesthesia

PHARM Podcast 186 Measuring Time By Mitochondrial Eve


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PHARM Podcast 185 How we care for each other By Mitochondrial Eve


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The most awkward stretchers in history

Checklists are boring : a confession from Atul Gawande!

Australia’s emergency medicine college discriminating on race, review says

ACEM – Discrimination, Bullying & Sexual Harassment 2017 update

Discrimination in Health Care

“Bullying and discrimination of any kind has no place in healthcare.” While we ‘SHOULD’ take action when we see cases of discrimination when they are witnessed – it can be a challenge. Firstly, there are lots of actions that could make individuals feel undermined but without overt or clear evidence of intent we can sometimes […]

via Discrimination in Healthcare – Moving Forward? — EmergencyPedia

More than one-third of emergency doctors face work bullying, harassment, 2017 survey reveals

Anaesthetic Registrar Welfare Online Repository


AMA position on #MarriageEquality in Australia 2017

The Myth of Resilience in Medicine

From doctor to patient

You doubt twitter. Twitter doesnt doubt you