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Posts from the ‘human-condition’ Category

Could I see your soul by Mitochondrial Eve

Advice from a patient

Why Resilience is now a dirty word

PHARM Podcast 199 When physicians harm

(Trigger warning for content describing sexual assault)

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PHARM Podcast 198 90th Birthday of Royal Flying Doctor Service

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PHARM Podcast 198 MedEd Confidential series Pt1 with Dr Viren Kaul

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PHARM Podcast 197 #CrazySocks4Docs day and the rise of depression

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Wounded healers

PHARM Podcast 196 Kintsugi & celebrating damage

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These souls are often the best of us

A prescription for trouble : physician heal thyself

Just being under investigation is a hazard to your health

PHARM Podcast 195 Paralytic first intubation – does the end justify the means?

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PHARM Podcast 191 The Power of Words

Above: Cameron Fox with Caldervale Stationโ€™s medical chest, which contained
the adrenaline that saved his life. Right: Dr Minh in the Cairns Base telehealth
office where he took the call for help from Kimberley Rains

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PHARM Podcast 190 Never Alone – a tribute to nurses in prehospital

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