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A prescription for trouble : physician heal thyself

Just being under investigation is a hazard to your health

PHARM Podcast 195 Paralytic first intubation – does the end justify the means?

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PHARM Podcast 193 Those We Carry

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But I am not afraid

PHARM Podcast 191 The Power of Words

Above: Cameron Fox with Caldervale Station’s medical chest, which contained
the adrenaline that saved his life. Right: Dr Minh in the Cairns Base telehealth
office where he took the call for help from Kimberley Rains

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PHARM Podcast 190 Never Alone – a tribute to nurses in prehospital

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The GMC are seeking to automatically strike UK doctors off without even a fair hearing!

Dr Bawa-Garba: Who’s to blame when a medical tragedy occurs?

Checklists #ugh

We recommend reading Atul Gawande’s book ‘The Checklist Manifesto’. It’s a well written, fascinating story about the introduction of the WHO Safer Surgery checklist and the impact it had. This link will take you straight to Amazon if you want to buy a copy (other internet retailers exist!!) To understand the how human factors failed […]

via Episode 27: Checklists — phemcast

The Intern Oath

PHARM Podcast 188 Being Awake with Mitochondrial Eve

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PHARM Podcast 187 After too many drinks By Mitochondrial Eve


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