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Danger, Breakdown ahead

This is the final post of three I’ve been writing about my breakdown at work. The other two, When the Plates Came Crashing Down and The Joy of a Broken Toy, covered how my breakdown felt and the process of getting back to work but this blog will cover how I felt leading up to […]

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Assisted dying: the difficult conversation we need to have

An Unexpected Letter and a Lesson About Xenophobia

The story behind the photo of a doctor crying

UK trainee anaesthetists under serious stress

Helping experts and expert teams perform under duress

“a male attendee stood up and announced the incidence of sexual harassment was not statistically significant”

The fallability of checklists

A Few Good Men I Want The Truth!

12. Bullying, Threats & Intimidation — patientsafe

If patient safety is to improve healthcare needs to change. The historical top down approach which has hindered improvement requires a transition into one where decisions are driven from the front line. Those corporations who’ve introduced front line driven frameworks (e.g. Toyota Production System – see here) provide the highest quality in the most efficient way to […]

via 12. Bullying, Threats & Intimidation — patientsafe

She doesnt want a Nespresso for Christmas

David Newman betrayed patients and emergency medicine


Empathy ….and hard collars


Help a Paramedic this Christmas 2016!

Being an anaesthetist is the Number 1 job in the world