A perfect storm

"The statistics on doctor suicide are horrifying… and doctors-in-training are particularly susceptible."#MentalHealth#crazysocks4docshttps://t.co/169YDALwv3 — Steve Robson (@DrSteveRobson) November 9, 2018

PHARM Podcast 213 The path to expertise with Dr Stu Marshall

Let me share a few tales about how juniors learn from SoMe.It's not by reading the evidence but by listening to (and maybe not fully understanding) the loudest voices.Dreyfus' model of expertise states novices need rules- that's what they're looking for and what they absorb pic.twitter.com/3Zf7t6RT4V — Stu Marshall (@hypoxicchicken) October 22, 2018

Advice from a patient

Do you know the origins of this powerful poem β€˜Advice From a Patient’? #alwayscare pic.twitter.com/1EG2pRB7Vh — Gold Coast Health (@GC_Health) August 16, 2018

Why Resilience is now a dirty word

Challenging the hidebound, sexist, bully culture of medicine 'simply isn't safe' for students. Brilliant insight from @AlexLFarrell of @yourAMSA @brookmanknight @Fly_texan @ketaminh @AColtzau @M_C_Rice @DrBradMcKay @bradfrankum @jilltomlinson https://t.co/IhDcYvz6kP — Julie Lambert (@PedanticLamb) June 8, 2018

PHARM Podcast 199 When physicians harm

My disgust at USAG is beyond expression. Intentionally covering up for Larry when abuse allegations arose. Had they done the right thing, I would never have had to do what I did, and so many victims saved. They knew they lied, and never even said “sorry”https://t.co/sjB0aHpqO1 β€” Rachael Denhollander (@R_Denhollander) May 24, 2018 (Trigger warning… Continue Reading

These souls are often the best of us

It's a professional privilege to find & help restore those who've been broken by their mistakes.These souls are often the best of us.If you feel broken today please accept help.We all fail.Grace means we can all rise.@johnwalsh88 @nishmanek @mellojonny @doctor_oxford@GM_HSC pic.twitter.com/mtbMz5mKBH — drjohnpatterson (@drcotovelo) April 27, 2018

A prescription for trouble : physician heal thyself

I wrote a piece on why senior doctors need more help now than ever.A big thanks to all the drs who spoke to me @crazysocks4Docs @DrMukeshH @drHelenschultz @DrAndrewDavies @ama_media @beyondblue @RACSurgeons @VicGovDHHS @womeninsurgery #MH4Docs https://t.co/OYbhBQNpxM — Krati Garg (@KratiGarg07) April 14, 2018

Just being under investigation is a hazard to your health

Clear suicide risk exists for doctors under investigation … @gdtoogood writes in #MJAInSight … "The reported incidence of [] depression in those who were [being] investigated was 16.9% compared with 9.5% of those with no complaints against them … https://t.co/6UCuLG5ubo pic.twitter.com/CHRB9mHbuA — MJA (@theMJA) April 13, 2018