Human Factors in Anaphylaxis!

The first of the Perioperative Anaphylaxis symposium lectures to go online.Here the brilliant @obidoc talking about Human Factors in periop anaphylaxis. For a novice like me – intriguing. #Frankland18@hypoxicchicken @markbkenny @doctimcook via @YouTube — Sophie Farooque (@LondonAllergy) December 3, 2018

COMM CHECK: Sterile Cockpit — EMCrit Project

Post is coauthored by Ashley Keiler-Green MD, EM/Critical Care Attending, University of New Mexico School of Medicine This post is part of the COMM CHECK series on communication during resuscitation. Silence is a source of great strength -Lao Tzu The Sterile Cockpit Communication is a key aspect of safe and efficient task execution in all high-risk…Continue reading “COMM CHECK: Sterile Cockpit — EMCrit Project”

PHARM Podcast 213 The path to expertise with Dr Stu Marshall

Let me share a few tales about how juniors learn from SoMe.It's not by reading the evidence but by listening to (and maybe not fully understanding) the loudest voices.Dreyfus' model of expertise states novices need rules- that's what they're looking for and what they absorb — Stu Marshall (@hypoxicchicken) October 22, 2018

Human factors enablers and barriers for successful airway management

This new qualitative study from @hypoxicchicken et al. identifies and discusses human factors enablers and barriers for successful airway management. Should complex charts or posters mandating a specific approach be perceived as a barrier or enabler? — Anaesthesia (@Anaes_Journal) May 4, 2018

Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review 2018

Our latest article on human factors published today @AintreeHospital @ClinicalHF Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review — Simon Mercer (@simonjudemercer) January 3, 2018

The effects Of cognitive aids On formation and functioning Of teams in medical emergencies

@KangarooBeach @ketaminh Thanks Tim, available here if you want to see what 6 years' work looks like… — Stu Marshall (@hypoxicchicken) November 1, 2016 //