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Clamping ETT – maintaing recruitment

Open Access Central Line Procedural review!

Emergency medicine : you’re doing it wrong!

Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong Julian (@EMedic6) Brings you down to reality…. REMEMBER We are in AFRICA Entering the era of #MacDonaldsMedicine are we still doing things the right way or have we not not been able to keep up with the needs of our patients. Can we expect the lay-person to understand what…

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Hot water immersion v icepacks for treating C fleckeri stings: a randomised controlled trial

Emergency medicine in Malawi

Post by Mulinda Nyirenda and Jo Park-Ross This podcast is an interview with Dr Mulinda Nyirenda and details the current state of Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital services in Malawi, as well as the way forward and Mulinda’s hopes for the future of Malawian EM. I must admit a more than slight bias on the topic of Malawi…

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Chemical restraint should not be lethal injection

Do patients do better with female docs?

Ketamine as a first-line treatment for severely agitated ED patients

An introduction to mechanical ventilation of the critically ill child

Shocking Allegations by ACEM Candidates

You dont take plastic?

Tribute to Dr Chris Cresswell

IV olanzapine sedation update

The potential role for IV olanzapine was examined in a post last year. The following conclusions were reached: IV olanzapine appears to be safe. IV olanzapine has equal potency compared to IV droperidol and about twice the potency of IV haloperidol. Olanzapine doesn’t affect QT interval or cause torsade de pointes. Two articles were just…

via PulmCrit- Sedation update: IV olanzapine & combo vs. monotherapy — EMCrit

NSTEMIs that need the cath lab now

Episode 13: The Ventilator — phemcast

Ventilation – a dark art. Difficult to be a master, easy to be average (or terrible)! This is “part 1”, which includes some of the basic (and not very basic) concepts behind ventilation. We recorded over 60 minutes of excellent content with George – we will post more below as soon as it is edited. […]

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