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Posts from the ‘Emergency medicine and critical care’ Category

Rural obstetric emergency in Canada !

PHARM Podcast 208 Ketamine controversy with Minneapolis Police

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PHARM Podcast 207 Prehospital research Bonanza!

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PHARM Podcast 206 Surviving Sedation – Triumph, Tragedy and Controversy

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Paediatric Sepsis

PHARM Podcast 205 Prehospital ultrasound guided nerve blocks a RCT

We have medical imaging in our Flying ER

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Severe asthma in Australia 2018

PHARM Podcast 204 Prehospital sedation : INhale the chemicals and some cave diving

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Treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax

PHARM Podcast 201 Making holes


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Rural Emergency medicine study guide !

Atrial fibrillation diagnosed on sternotomy !

Honey helps reduce button battery ingestion injury !

French hospital using VirtualReality for pain management!

PHARM Podcast 200 Rib fractures

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