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Posts from the ‘Emergency medicine and critical care’ Category

Rural Emergency medicine study guide !

Atrial fibrillation diagnosed on sternotomy !

Honey helps reduce button battery ingestion injury !

French hospital using VirtualReality for pain management!

PHARM Podcast 200 Rib fractures

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An hour to save your life Episode with Dr MJ Slabbert!!

Prehospital emergency hysterotomy : 2 case studies

Two cases of low birth weight infant survival by prehospital emergency hysterotomy

“Outside the wire” medicine

Battlefield medicine 2018

PHARM Podcast 199 When physicians harm

(Trigger warning for content describing sexual assault)

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Anaphylaxis wall chart !

PHARM Podcast 198 90th Birthday of Royal Flying Doctor Service

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PHARM Podcast 198 MedEd Confidential series Pt1 with Dr Viren Kaul

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PHARM Podcast 197 #CrazySocks4Docs day and the rise of depression

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Something Italian

An original post by Mario Rugna

via Prehospital Emergency Medicine. We are different. — MEDEST