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Rural anaesthesia journal club!

This is the second installment of the Rural Anaesthesia Down Under (RADU) Journal Club. In this episode, I am joined by Drs Alex Harris and Melanie Little – both local, fellow Broome GP Anaesthetists. We got together and had a chat about 5 papers covering 4 topics: Perioperative anaphylaxis (the NAP6 Audit) Dose adjustment for spinal…

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Prehospital RSI drill to Bon Jovi!

Anaesthesia study by my brother!

The case of the dying soldiers by Mike Lauria

PHARM Podcast 195 Paralytic first intubation – does the end justify the means?

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AAGBI Free Quick Reference Handbook for Anaesthesia!

Ketamine is the go to drug!

So Sick 18!

The Big Sick 18 #TBS18 conference is done and we’re catching up on sleep and all the impressions from a great week with learning, discussions and fantastic people – and here’s an excellent recap video of #TBS18 from Marius Klausen … Continue reading →


Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review 2018

Anaesthesia in Disaster zones

Ventilation strategies for the critically ill asthmatic

#SSAI2017 #FOAMed the Netflix way. Go binge.

General Awareness

The core job when you reach for general anaesthesia is to provide a general lack of awareness. So what about when it doesn’t work? The person making the coffee sort of has to make the coffee right. I’m pretty sure newsreaders serve the primary function of reading the words about the news. Near as I can […]

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Reverse Tomahawk and some ICU stuff


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