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More Chinese SALAD

Chinese SALAD!

$500 video stylet outperforms all other video laryngoscopes

Sedated Oral Intubation AincA VideoStylet following Topical Anesthetic from AirwayNautics on Vimeo.

The PowerGrip by Master DuCanto

You can never have enough SALAD!

Having a Vomit SALAD with Master Jim DuCanto

The Dubbo SALAD

SALAD 2.0 with Master DuCanto


Deliberate oesophageal intubation technique

Credit to Master Jim DuCanto for sharing this training video. Technique credits to Dr Jose Torres and Dr Jim Jarvis

DuCanto Video: Importance of Simulators Increases for Airway Management Training


Novel Airway Training Tool that Simulates Vomiting: Suction-Assisted Laryngoscopy Assisted Decontamination (SALAD)



JellyBean 050 with Jim DuCanto and AirwayNautics — LITFL: Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog

Jim DuCanto just keeps making stuff. @RollCageMedic caught up with him in Dublin and chewed the cud, the fat and the kids toys. I have kids. You might have kids. Even if you don’t have kids you probably were a kid at some point in the past. Kids chew up and spit out plastic toys.…

via JellyBean 050 with Jim DuCanto and AirwayNautics — LITFL: Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog

Gliderite stylet for cric – a concept by DuCanto

Tim and Jim in Dublin

Full credit for this goes to Dr James DuCanto, airway geek and innovator from Milwaukee, USA. It’s been my great privilege (and crazy pleasure) to facilitate with Jim at smacc airway workshops in Chicago and Dublin, using the SALAD sim (suction assisted laryngoscopic airway decontamination). This is a great setup to teach techniques to manage…

via Difficult Airway Training – The Wookie Wins! — KI Doc