Warrior Advocacy

Hear @browofjustice share her views on Warrior Advocacy on our latest podcast episode! #warrioradvocate https://t.co/99E02VujwP pic.twitter.com/Y2OkpUD7Y9 — Nurse Mo, BSN RN (@StraightANurse) January 29, 2018

Its Blair time again!

Straight back with another podcast and with the same guest, Dr Blair Munford. This time Blair has a very different type of story to share. Please have a listen and consider sharing. Or if you like the site consider signing up to get emails when posts hit. Anyway, here’s the various ways to get the… Continue Reading

ETM Podcast Episode 10 – Bruce Paix & Andrew Perry – Haemorrhage control in trauma

In this episode Andrew Perry interviews Bruce Paix, a very experienced pre-hospital/retrieval (and military) Anaesthetist and trauma expert about haemorrhage control in trauma. This is a great episode with some real pearls.  Bruce challenges the traditional teaching in trauma by asking us to not be afraid of the hypotensive trauma patient, but rather to accept…… Continue Reading