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Warrior Advocacy

Is there a midwife on board!? ok we will take a doctor then

50 yrs since Australian Referendum by Dr Louis Peachey

Its Blair time again!

Straight back with another podcast and with the same guest, Dr Blair Munford. This time Blair has a very different type of story to share. Please have a listen and consider sharing. Or if you like the site consider signing up to get emails when posts hit. Anyway, here’s the various ways to get the podcast. […]

via Podcast #4 – Another Side — The Collective

Awesome Airway Save! Fishing with laryngoscope!

Is there sexism in medicine?

Heartbeat : the miracle inside you

From doctor to patient, why Ian McPhee secured his ‘great comfort’

PHARM Podcast 149 On the Mountain and in the Air with David Weber

 Weber at 11,200 feet during a Denali rescue patrol this past summer (photo Menno Boermans)

Weber at 11,200 feet during a Denali rescue patrol this past summer (photo Menno Boermans)

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Pre-Hospital Trauma Care – Lessons Learned From the Front

The UC Division of EMS has recorded a series of podcasts to celebrate EMS Week 2016.  We are honored to be able to engage EMS Providers throughout the world with this forum.  If you practice pre-hospital medicine, we would like to say thank you and that we appreciate everything you do to provide a high…

PHARM Podcast 138 Another Viking on the PHARM with Dr Soren Rudolph



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PHARM Podcast 135 Viking on the PHARM with Dr Per Bredmose

PHARM Podcast 134 Preoxygenation – towards best emergency practice

ETM Podcast Episode 10 – Bruce Paix & Andrew Perry – Haemorrhage control in trauma

In this episode Andrew Perry interviews Bruce Paix, a very experienced pre-hospital/retrieval (and military) Anaesthetist and trauma expert about haemorrhage control in trauma. This is a great episode with some real pearls.  Bruce challenges the traditional teaching in trauma by asking us to not be afraid of the hypotensive trauma patient, but rather to accept…

Paris attacks

Source: Paris attacks