A week with Air Ambulance Northern Ireland!

A young patient, Conor Henry from Coleraine visited the Air Ambulance base recently as part of his recovery, with his Mum Kirstin and Dad Darren. A lovely thank you from Conor's dad can be read on our website: https://t.co/E4qYShQzhl #AirAmbulanceNI #AANI pic.twitter.com/8wrnOu2Eba — Air Ambulance NI (@AirAmbulanceNI) June 7, 2018

Legacy of Dr John Hinds

Recognition by @AirAmbulanceNI team of @DocJohnHinds work which made @AirAmbulanceNI what it is today! #Retrieval2018Ethos of @DocJohnHinds lives on in @AirAmbulanceNI pic.twitter.com/TpqpFk1nra — #HelloMyNameIs Andy (@AndyP_91) April 25, 2018

Doctor-led Air Ambulance service for Northern Ireland is approved

Great news! Doctor-led Air Ambulance service for Northern Ireland is approved https://t.co/Lf08lwYs2M pic.twitter.com/Psi07pb4YF — Belfast News Letter (@News_Letter) March 1, 2017 AIR AMBULANCE NI DELIGHTED HELICOPTER EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE APPROVED pic.twitter.com/jt2xau1EPy — Air Ambulance NI (@AirAmbulanceNI) March 1, 2017

DeltaSeven Skills training day

Superb HEMS Skills Training day. Doctor-paramedic model perfectly demonstrated. #inspirational @delta7hems @Ataccgroup @LDNairamb pic.twitter.com/wqrlP9y18L — Andrew Topping (@DocATopping) January 23, 2017