iGel is good

Supraglottic Device or Tracheal Intubation in Cardiac Arrest; AIRWAYS-2 Podcast out nowhttps://t.co/JllNsEB79dhttps://t.co/RNpmm817fz #FOAMed pic.twitter.com/sGRv5bjQZ8 — TheResusRoom (@TheResusRoom) August 28, 2018 AIRWAYS-2 Read the paper whilst it’s #FOAMed for a limited timehttps://t.co/DYF3pMTlC5 pic.twitter.com/id3RCQAeV5 — TheResusRoom (@TheResusRoom) August 28, 2018

Critical Care Out There… — EMCrit Project

Around the world, clinicians of every variety (doctors, paramedics, nurses, PAs, NPs, respiratory therapists and more) are pushing the limits emergency medicine and critical care. From the jungles of the South Pacific, to the mountains of Nepal, our colleagues are projecting medical care to very austere and non-permissive environments. From the deserts of Africa to… via… Continue Reading