Introducing SCRAM

SCRAM® seamlessly integrates into any airway management strategy. “Our vision is to enhance the performance of emergency airway management by promoting Safe, Well Governed Emergency Anaesthesia and Tracheal intubation.” #SCRAM @jonmcck @neilsincl — Paul Swinton (@paswinton) April 7, 2019 Peak Inside – Pre-production prototype of Paediatric SCRAM SOON to be launched alongside Paed EMS SCRAM… Continue Reading

Laryngeal tube outperforms ETT in OHCA

#Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Pragmatic Airway Resucitation Trial : Laryngeal Tube vs. ETT. 72 hr survival (18.2% vs 15.3%), ROSC (27.9% vs 24.1%), hospital survival (10.8% vs 8.0), neurologically intact discharge (7.0% vs 5.0) all favoring LT with p=0.02 or less. — Russell Griffin LP, FP-C (@ResusFliteMedic) May 17, 2018