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Awesome Airway Save! Fishing with laryngoscope!

Reverse Tomahawk and some ICU stuff

Airway Management Outside the Operating Room Environment

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Ultrasound for airway management

Suck strong or go home

The ideal suction tool for intubations is debatable, but it seems clear that the Yankauer is a poor choice. Persistent use of the Yankauer suction catheter for airway management represents a profession-wide failure in our ability to manage large-volume regurgitation. EMCrit by Josh Farkas.

via PulmCrit: Large-bore suction for intubation: strategies & devices — EMCrit

PHARM Podcast 180 What year is this? Intubation checklist year?

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Trauma Airway Management

Anaesthetic management of airway penetrating injuries in children

More From the Italian Airway Job 2017

This talk was recorded live at Arezzo Cadaver Lab on June 5 2017. The Slides Airway decision making from Mario Rugna


Head tilt doesnt open airway

Simple airway management

This is a popular series and it’s not hard to see why. Greg Brown drops back in to talk about the airway device that is now his go to item. I clearly remember a time when the escalation of airway management in prehospital care resembled the fabled Underpants Gnomes from South Park and their three step […]

via I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now: Simple Airway Management — The Collective

An abominable airway!

the case. a 28 year old male presents to your Emergency Department with a 2-3 week history of increasing neck swelling. He is now spitting out frank purulent discharge from his mouth and reports fevers and night sweats. He reports a rapid increase in neck swelling which is now preventing him from eating a normal diet. His purulent secretions started…

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Alien Preox

The Canadians win Twitter…again

When Airway managers look like an anus