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Airway management in unstable cervical spine injury

Airway something something (waves hands in air)

With a couple of new papers landing that touch on the issue of how you provide and measure quality care around airway management, Dr Alan Garner returns to point at big animals that are bad at hiding. Two new airway papers have come across my desk in the last couple of weeks and I now […]

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The Kids airway

IntroductionWelcome to one of the newest additions to Taming the SRU, a monthly installment of Air Care topics and pointers. Monthly posts will fall under one of four categories:Core Content: includes key knowledge all flight providers should know”Thoughts from the Front Lines” (TFTFL): interviews with experts in the field of flight med”How on Earth do…

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Airway Management in Emergencies : the Infinity Edition

Guidelines for the management of tracheal intubation in critically ill adults

Guidelines for the management of tracheal intubation in critically ill adults

It applies cricoid pressure otherwise it gets the hose

Trauma airway management 2017 #FOAMEd

Emergency Airway Management part 2: Is the patient ready for intubation?

Just do what you need to

Airway – Optimising the basics!

Awesome Airway Save! Fishing with laryngoscope!

Reverse Tomahawk and some ICU stuff

Airway Management Outside the Operating Room Environment

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Ultrasound for airway management

Suck strong or go home

The ideal suction tool for intubations is debatable, but it seems clear that the Yankauer is a poor choice. Persistent use of the Yankauer suction catheter for airway management represents a profession-wide failure in our ability to manage large-volume regurgitation. EMCrit by Josh Farkas.

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